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The Garden of Eden
dal 7/11/2003 al 20/12/2003
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Faisal Abdu' Allah

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The Garden of Eden

Art Space Portsmouth (ex Aspex Gallery), Portsmouth

Aspex presents the biggest work by Faisal Abdu' Allah ever exhibited in UK. An architectural installation that cross the borders between art and architecture into a new form of visual art

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The Garden of Eden is a powerful architectural installation that explores issues of privilege, exclusion and voyeurism. This multifaceted installation is Faisal Abdu' Allah's most ambitious work to be seen in the UK, and the project is the result of a major collaboration between the artist and celebrated architect David Adjaye.

The Garden of Eden is a large-scale structure that will dominate the entire exhibition space at Aspex Gallery, engaging the spectator in a charged physical experience. Visitors will be invited to expore its separate inner-chambers and to consider the differences between privileged and unprivileged space. Abdu' Allah poses complex and critical questions: where does exclusion begin and end? To what extent can we determine the cultural, political and social environments in which we exist? How do gentics inform rights of passage?

This installation represents a long overdue point of recognition for Faisal Abdu' Allah's dynamic practice and this is his most significant solo exhibition to date. The project also represents a new and important collaboration between some of the UK's most energetic and dynamic arts practitioners in Faisal Abdu' Allah, Adjaye Associates, Chisenhale Gallery, Autograph (Association of Black Photographers) and Aspex Gallery.

The Garden of Eden is commissioned by Autograph ABP and Chisenhale Gallery, in association with Aspex Gallery. Produced in collaboration with David Adjaye and supported by Arts Council England.

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