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Art Elysees and Design Elysees
dal 22/10/2013 al 27/10/2013
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Art Elysees and Design Elysees

Pavilion Champs-Elysees, Paris

For this 7th edition, the organizers intend both to showcase one more time the artists who are related to the great movements of the Modern art History and of the Ecole de Paris, and to create a true dialogue with the Contemporary art. Spot exhibition: the sculptor Christian Renonciat.

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Art Élysées has quickly established itself as a major event among the present art fairs during the last week of October in Paris.

Today, the fair is an influential actor on the international art market that involves traditional collectors as well as growing number of art lovers entering the market for the first time. For those new collectors, Art ÉLysées is the ideal occasion to get their bearings among the market's many possibilities and, for them as for the exhibitors, a unique opportunity to increase their contacts. In this regard, the general opinion on the quality of contacts made during the exhibition is unanimous: both young galleries of modern and contemporary galleries made numerous contacts that will form an important starting point for future work.

With each new edition, Art Élysées achieved its objectives and maintained its own identity. It is from now on the reference in Modern and "classic"Contemporary Art during the art week in Paris.


By integrating the interior design show Design Élysées to Art Élysées, the organizers bring together major players from the twentieth century and expose a careful selection of exceptional artworks and design furniture. This association displays a broad overview of Modern and "classic" Contemporary art with historical design of the post-war period. A selection of local and international art dealers, all of whom are leaders in their fields, addresses each passionate collector and art lovers from around the world.

On the occasion of the fall week dedicated to art in Paris, from October 22nd to 28th, 2013, Art Elysées is in partnership with the contemporary art fair YIA - International Young Artists- exposing in the Marais district, a selection of 60 artists from the new guard and represented by their gallery.
This collaboration offers the rediscovery of Paris through a unique artistic journey that highlights the proposals of 120 galleries woven between the mythical avenue des Champs-Elysees and the Marais.

For already six years, the Art Élysées fair has kept growing and evolving, becoming always more qualitative and developing a strong identity in Modern art and “Classic Contemporary”. Amateurs, collectors and professionals make no mistake about it, as they are more and more to come year after year (34 700 visitors in 2012). Art Élysées won its current status of major artistic event, an expected and appreciated Parisian meeting. Its essential asset resides in the fact that this artistic fair manages to bring about a significant number of remarkable sales, even in times of crisis.


The fair maintains its strong positioning in Modern art, and unveils galleries such as: la Galerie des Modernes, Hurtebize, Vintage, Traits Noirs, Messine, Fleury (among others)... and for the very first time the Belgian gallery Michel Rooryck. For this 7th edition, the organizers intend both to showcase one more time the artists who are related to the great movements of the Modern art History and of the Ecole de Paris, and to create a true dialogue with the Contemporary art. Thus, the fair exhibits rather galleries of Contemporary art such as Alain Blondel, Shchukin gallery from Russia, and still counts its loyal galleries: Berthet- Aittouarès, the Galerie du Centre, Kandler, Smagghe, Baudoin Lebon… and among the new galleries: Alain Oudin, LTD gallery, Hervé Perdriolle (expert in Indian art), the German gallery Tanit.

Art Élysées also emphasizes on the geometrical Abstraction with the selection of galleries such as Zafra Meyer, which proposes for its first participation to the fair a collective exhibition gathering kinetics and abstracts artists from South America who face their European colleagues. The Lélia Mordoch gallery showcases the plastic artist Horacio Garcia Rossico, who founded the Research Group of Visual Art in collaboration with François Morellet, Francisco Sobrino, Joël Stein and Jean-Pierre Yvaral. The RCM gallery presents post-war optical art through Vazarely, Deverne, Arroyo, Marino di Teana, Stein work,… and Olivier Waltman chose to match the work of South-American artists, with among them the Argentinian Julio Le Parc.


Each year, Art Élysées dedicates one spot to an exhibition; for the 2013 edition, the sculptor Christian Renonciat exposes his work. Born in Paris in 1947, Christian Renonciat pursued studies at the La Sorbonne University, where he obtained a philosophy degree. In 1969, he entered an art atelier in Antibes, and practiced there the timber profession. He then opened his own atelier in Valbonne in 1975, where he created his very first sculptures. Back in Paris, he presented his first exhibition in 1978 at the Alain Blondel gallery. Over the years, his interest in medium of things (that he considers as subject), sculpted through diverse representations going from the most (hyper)realistic work to the most abstract, becomes clearer.

Longevity and quality are the Art Élysées organizers’ keywords. Indeed Art Élysées aims to be a commercially successful fair whose work consists first of all in responding to its exhibitors’ and visitors’ expectations.

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Professional: Wednesday October 23rd from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Vernissage: Wednesday October 23rd from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM by invitation only
Night opening: Friday, October 25th, from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

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Art Elysees and Design Elysees
dal 21/10/2014 al 26/10/2014

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