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From Italy to the Americas
dal 9/10/2013 al 30/1/2014
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From Italy to the Americas

The Wolfsonian Florida International University, Miami Beach

Italo Balbo's 1930 and 1933 Seaplane Squadrons. A wide range of printed ephemera

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The Italian Minister of Aviation Italo Balbo planned two Atlantic crossings by squadrons of Savoia-Marchetti seaplanes to celebrate the Fascist air force and mark the anniversary of the Fascist revolution. A wide range of printed ephemera, from posters, postcards, pamphlets, stickers, and even chocolate bar wrappers and cigarette cartons, were produced to commemorate the events and inspire national pride. Imagery evoking the glories of ancient Rome-the fascio (a bound bundle of rods attached to an axe head), busts of Mussolini, and monumental statuary inspired by classical antiquity-were combined with modern airships to foster the belief in a rebirth of Roman greatness under Fascist leadership.

The Children's Crusade
dal 30/11/2014 al 14/3/2015

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