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Feroz Galerie, Bonn

The title of this photography exhibition as a word represents both a mental position to view and think about the works as well as a designation of a physical material. Work by: Adolf Lazi, Lisette Model, August Sander...

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A. Aubrey Bodine, Marcel Broodthaers, Chargesheimer, Sean Hemmerle, Jory Hull, Peter Keetman, Adolf Lazi, Herbert List, Lisette Model, Andrew Phelps, Albert Renger-Patzsch, August Sander, Elfriede Stegemeyer, Claude Tolmer, Barbara Wüllenweber

Feroz Galerie is pleased to present the photography exhibition, Concrete. The title of this exhibition as a word represents both a mental position to view and think about the works as well as a designation of a physical material. Julian Sander, the owner of Feroz Galerie uses the anxious spectrum of this word in the broadest sense as a concept for curating this exhibition.

The fact is that we live in a world of media, and we are constantly surrounded by contextualized visual information. The information presented to us in various contexts requires constant interpretation. As a result, only a part of the information is determined by the information itself. The rest of the meaning is produced by our own perceptions, and our ability to conceive hints, even if they are not very concrete.

This observation is both fascinating and terrifying at the same time. In the worst case, we are a society of information overload, and with such tools can be easily controlled. In order to keep things in perspective, it is important to keep a certain amount of distance. In a positive sense, these same contexts precisely highlight easily overlooked details that might otherwise be lost.

It is these facts that have encouraged Julian Sander to make Concrete, as a series of visual hurdles. The selections of individual works for the exhibition, and their placements have been chosen to deliberately push the attention of the viewer. Not necessarily to represent a different truth, but rather to draw attention to the possibilities presented by contextualization.

The great grandfather of the Galerist, the German photographer August Sander wrote the following in a photo album that he gave to his grandson Gerd Sander (Julian’s father) as a child:
Gott gibt uns die Nüsse, aber er bricht sie nicht auf – God gives us the nuts but does not crack them.

This quote from his great grandfather and its underlying request for us to think about things for ourselves has driven Julian Sander to realize his concept of Concrete. This exhibition includes work by the following artists; Barbara Wüllenweber, Andrew Phelps, Sean Hemmerle, Adolf Lazi, Lisette Model, August Sander, Herbert List, Chargesheimer, Aubrey Bodine, Jory Hull, and Claude Tolmer. Among other things, CONCRETE will be an encounter that prompts the viewer to relate their position in practice.

Adolf Lazi Ball-Bearings, ca. 1936. Vintage gelatin silver print 22,9 x 16,8 cm
Barbara Wüllenweber: Backside Grab, Skatepark Liege, Belgium, 1989. Vintage gelatin silver print 28 x 20,2 cm

Vernissage Friday, 6 December 2013 7-10pm

Feroz Galerie
Prinz-Albert-Str. 12, D-53113 Bonn
Gallery Hours:
from 14:00-19:00 Tuesday — Friday

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