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Art Spiegelman's Co-Mix
dal 6/11/2013 al 22/3/2014
saturday-tuesday 11ams5:45pm, Wednesday closed, thursday 11am-8pm, friday 11am-4pm

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The Jewish Museum


Art Spiegelman

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Art Spiegelman's Co-Mix

The Jewish Museum, New York

A Retrospective celebrates the career of one of the most influential living comic artists best known for Maus

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A Retrospective celebrates the career of one of the most influential living comic artists. Best known for Maus, his Pulitzer prize-winning graphic novel about his parents' survival of the Holocaust, Art Spiegelman (b. 1948) has produced a diverse body of work over the course of five decades that has blurred the boundaries between "high" and "low" art. This first U.S. retrospective spans Spiegelman's career: from his early days in underground "comix" to the thirteen-year genesis of Maus, to more recent work including his provocative covers for The New Yorker, and artistic collaborations in new and unexpected media. The exhibition highlights Spiegelman's painstaking creative process, and includes over three hundred preparatory sketches, preliminary and final drawings, as well as prints and other ephemeral and documentary material. Spiegelman first made a name for himself as an artist and editor in underground comix, the graphic expression of the counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s. As he matured as an artist, Spiegelman diverged from the sex and drug ethos of his peers and, in a postmodern fashion, increasingly challenged the narrative, visual, and structural possibilities of comics.

dal 4/11/2015 al 26/3/2016

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