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Loredana Sperini
dal 7/2/2014 al 7/3/2014
wed - sat 11am-7pm

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Marina Coelho

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Loredana Sperini

Kunsthalle Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

Mi ritorna in mente. Contemporary Bel Fullana for the project Uncanny

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Continuing the series LX92, which reaches its second year, Kunsthalle Sao Paulo proudly invites Swiss artist Loredana Sperini (*1970, in Wattwil, Switzerland) to present Mi ritorna in mente, her first solo show in Brazil. The artist's work arises from her need to explore the innate qualities of very different materials, that even familiar to the viewer, when presented together, generate a tension and a strong estrangement. This uncanny aspect is emphasized further by the forms of her sculptures, which by bringging human elements, trigger memories and recollections in our subconscious, and lead us to a deeper world. Curated by Marina Coelho. Contemporary Kunsthalle Sao Paulo invites Spanish artist Bel Fullana (* 1986, in Mallorca, Spain) to launch the project Uncanny, held at the Vitrine. The project aims to show a series of exhibitions of drawings that fit into a theme of something that is extremely strange, but at the same time very familiar. Vernissage Saturday 8 February 2014, 4pm-8pm.

Two Exhibitions
dal 27/11/2014 al 2/1/2015

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