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Franz Graf
dal 28/1/2014 al 24/5/2014

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Franz Graf
Severin Dunser

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Franz Graf

21er Haus, Wien

See What Sees You. Graf brings together drawings, photographs, audio and video art, prints and objects from daily life to create open systems that form aesthetic spaces of experience rather than multimedia installations.

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Curator Severin Dünser

Franz Graf (born in Tulln in 1954) lives and works in Vienna and the Waldviertel region in Lower Austria. He studied with Oswald Oberhuber at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. From 1979 to 1984, he cooperated closely with Brigitte Kowanz. Between 1997 and 2006, he was a visiting professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

His works are black and white and depict figures and abstract ornaments. Frequently, the basic shapes he uses are circles combined with letters, word fragments and quotes – his art is material poetry. Graf brings together drawings, photographs, audio and video art, prints and objects from daily life to create open systems that form aesthetic spaces of experience rather than multimedia installations.

For his exhibition at the 21er Haus in Vienna, Graf entangles the many levels of his oeuvre again to juggle emptiness and abundance, black-and-white contrasts, fine delicate details and large iconic, archaic and modern elements in his signature style.

For this purpose, he produces a new series of works that is juxtaposed with pieces by international and national contemporary artists as well as with works from the collections of the Belvedere and of the artist himself. The sum of these parts not only forms an exuberant exhibition in the main hall of the 21er Haus, but also a stage on which Franz Graf will permanently extend his installation throughout the duration of the exhibition. Additionally, it will host performances and collaborative art productions every other week.

The exhibition presents works by Franz Graf and amongst other things, exhibits by other artists, including Marc Adrian, Estera Alicehajic, Ferdinand Andri, Anouk Lamm Anouk, Nobuyoshi Araki, Magnús Árnason, Snorri Ásmundsson, Rudolf Bacher, Franz Barwig d. Ä., Lothar Baumgarten, Joseph Beuys, Selina de Beauclair, James Lee Byars, William S. Burroughs, Tamara Dinka, Tjorg Douglas Beer, Binär, Herbert Boeckl, Herbert Brandl, Geta Brătescu, Arik Brauer, Günter Brus, John Cage, Nina Canell, Anna Ceeh, Ernst Caramelle, Larry Clark, Tamara Dinka, Marcel Duchamp, Dejan Dukic, Rudolf Eb.er & Joke Lanz, Valie Export, Helmut Federle, Ernst Fuchs, Walther Gamerith, August Gaul, John Geesin & Roger Waters, Gelatin, Liam Gillick & Corinne Jones, Allen Ginsberg, Sara Glaxia, Gottfried Goebel, Karl Iro Goldblat, Martin Grandits, Fritz Grohs, Mario Grubisic, Kristján Guðmundsson, The Guerilla Art Action Group, The Hafler Trio, Tatjana Hardikov, Friedrich Hartlauer, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir, Rudolf Hausner, Florian Hecker, André Heller, Herbert Hinteregger, Benjamin Hirte, Marcel Houf, Françoise Janicot, Ali Janka, Robert Jelinek, Hildegard Joos, Donald Judd, Tillman Kaiser, Felix Kalmar, Allan Kaprow, Mike Kelley, Richard Kern, Martin Kippenberger, Imi Knoebel, Franz Koglmann & Bill Dixon, Zenita Komad, Svetlana Kopystiansky, Brigitte Kowanz, Elke Silvia Krystufek, Zofia Kulik, Doreen Kutzke, Paul Mccarthy, Metronom, Milan Mladenovic, Marcellvs L., Bruce LaBruce, Eskil Loftsson, Daniel Löwenbrück, Sarah Lucas & Julian Simmons, Victor Man, Mark Manders, Michaela Math, marshall!yeti, Otto Maurer, Paul McCarthy, Andrew M. McKenzie, Bjarne Melgaard, Cecil Meng, Merzbow, Rune Mields, Chiara Minchio, Milan Mladenovic, Klaus Mosettig, Otto Muehl, Wladd Muta, Gina Müller, Hermann Nitsch, Oswald Oberhuber, Erik Oppenheim & David Kelleran, Charlemagne Palestine, Manfred Pernice, Goran Petercol, Rade Petrasevic, Raymond Pettibon, Walter Pichler, Begi Piralishvili, Natascha Plum, Rudolf Polanszky, Franz Pomassl, Arnulf Rainer, Raionbashi / Krube, Konrad Rapf, Jason Rhodes, Paul-Julien Robert, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Dieter Roth, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck, Alexander Ruthner, Gerhard Rühm, Kurt Ryslavy, Nino Sakandelidze, Ed Sanders, Markus Schinwald, Eva Schlegel, Conrad Schnitzler, Philipp Schöpke, Claudia Schumann, Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Frederike Schweizer, Björn Segschneider, Jim Shaw & Benjamin Weissman, Jörg Siegert, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Linnéa Sjöberg, Dominik Steiger, Tamuna Sirbiladze, Linnéa Sjöberg, Dominik Steiger, Nino Stelzl, Curt Stenvert, Alexander Stern, Rudolf Stingel, Martina Stoian, Ida Szigethy, Lilli Thießen, Bjarni H. Thórarinsson, Manfred Unger, Franz Vana, Jannis Varelas, Walter Vopava, Wolf Vostell, Klaus Weber, Peter Weibel, Herwig Weiser, Adam Wiener, Ingrid Wiener, Oswald Wiener, John Wiese, Judith Weratschnig, Stefan Wirnsperger, Eva Wohlgemuth, Helmuth Wolech, Iwona Zaborowska, Thomas Zipp and Heimo Zobernig.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014 | 7 pm
Presentation of the edition by Franz Graf

Thursday, 24 April 2014 | 7 pm
Presentation of the exhibition catalogue

A stamped and signed deluxe edition (150 copies) is published on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition Franz Graf – See What Sees You. This first part of the actual catalogue, which is to appear in April, contains a text by curator Severin Dünser and an interview with the artist. By purchasing this deluxe edition, you will receive the complete catalogue by post as soon as it has been released.

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