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Three exhibitions
dal 20/8/2014 al 10/1/2015

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Three exhibitions

Brandts 13, Odense

Peter Martensen's paintings feature men wearing white shirts and living efficient lives in familiar open office landscapes. The Canadian artist group Mere Phantoms creates highly sophisticated installations. Kunsten - Museum of Modern Art Aalborg owns one of Denmark's best collections of recent art.

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21.8.2014 - 11.1.2015
Peter Martensen
From Grid to Romance

The fa­ther fig­ure of the past has been brought down, and the mod­ern man of today is under at­tack from all sides. The Dan­ish painter Peter Martensen de­picts the anony­mous an­ti­hero of today ac­cord­ing to all the rules of the art. His paint­ings fea­ture men wear­ing white shirts and liv­ing ef­fi­cient lives in fa­mil­iar open of­fice land­scapes. But around them chaos is en­croach­ing, doc­u­ments are fly­ing through the air and water is slowly ris­ing waist high. Is it per­haps their own, inner na­ture over­tak­ing them

The exhibition presents paintings dating from the early 1990s up to the present as well as a selection of drawings and films by Peter Martensen.


Mere Phantoms
Three Cities; a shadow triptych

Em­ploy­ing clas­sic crafts, the Cana­dian artist group Mere Phan­toms cre­ates highly so­phis­ti­cated in­stal­la­tions. Paper, scis­sors and light is all it takes to pro­duce daz­zlingly beau­ti­ful mod­els of build­ings, mon­u­ments and pup­pets that have cap­ti­vated au­di­ences world­wide. Lit from below, these paper mod­els be­come en­larged, grow­ing into dan­ger­ous gi­ants and strange, tow­er­ing fig­ures sev­eral sto­ries high. See how the sculp­ture hall at Brandts 13 is trans­formed into a grandiose total the­atre, and go on a dis­cov­ery tour in the fairy-tale uni­verse pre­sented by the Cana­dian artists.


22.8.2014 - 26.4.2015
KUNSTEN visits Brandts

An art collection is like an archive or a family photo album. It tells a story of art and artists, but also of those who collected and purchased the art and the place where the collection is housed. KUNSTEN – Museum of Modern Art Aalborg owns one of Denmark’s best collections of recent art. Private donations and its own purchases have made it possible for this museum in north Jutland to offer a vivid portrait of a generation of artists whose paintings, drawings, films and installations have fascinated the public for the past twenty years. When Kunsten visits Brandts you will encounter works by artists such as Michael Kvium, John Kørner, Allan Otte and Anette Harboe Flensburg.

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Opening 21.8.2014, h 17:00 21:00

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Three exhibitions
dal 20/8/2014 al 10/1/2015

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