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MIAM The museum of the modest arts, Sete

The project conceived in two parts: at La Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille and at the Miam in Sete, it presents and offers an overview on 40 years of underground japanese graphic arts.

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From the history of the underground review Garo (1964-2002), Le Dernier Cri*—in collaboration with Ayumi Nakayama—offers an overview of the underground graphic arts scene from the land of the rising sun with a project conceived in two parts, at La Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille and at the Miam in Sète.

The show at La Friche la Belle de Mai gathers iconoclastic editors (Japanese and French), which are considered as the successors of the cult review. Garo was an alternative Japanese comic-strip publication that has opened new fields of experimentation, and was the playground for young artists with innovative and remarquable talent. It was an alternative edition, free of any stylistic, commercial or formal constraint. Wether it be through their political involvement (with Shirato Sanpei), or geographical explorations (adult mangas, gegika), Garo has published provocative pieces (ero-guro), and consisted in the the avant-garde of the movement Heta-Uma as well as the oniric manga, also many of their authors are now internationally renowned for their innovations and originality.

Those two exhibitions submerge in the origins of Heta-Uma, its diversity and development, and shows another image of the underground manga. In the mid-1970′s, Yumura Teruhiko aka Terry Jonson, King Terry was the creator and pioneer of the Heta-Uma style. Among its successors are Nemoto Takashi who developed the grotesque/erotic style while Shiriagari Kotobuki went more into the comical, and zen styles. In the 1980’s, Suzy Amakane develops and establishes her style “NURI comic”. Hanakuma Yusaku, Moto Hideyasu, Odajima Hitoshi worked in her workshop “koganemushi studio”. The exhibition “Mangaro” will present the books and silkscreens by many artists a part of publishers’ catalogue such as Seirinkôgeisha, follow-up to Garo, the reviews AX, mograg – new wave of Japanese illustrators ; erect where contemporary art meets the mot innovative graphic designs, Taco Ché books, independent bookshop which has been distributing and publishing for 20 years these specific productions.

Opening on Friday 17 October from 6 P.M

5th floor Tour Panorama

October 17, 2014 — February 2, 2015
Opening on Thursday 16 October from 6 P.M.

MIAM, international museum of modest arts (SÈTE)
October 18, 2014 — March 1, 2015

dal 16/10/2014 al 28/2/2015

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