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XU Zhen
dal 10/11/2014 al 25/12/2014

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Xu Zhen

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XU Zhen

ShanghArt H-Space, Shanghai

Produced by MadeIn Company 'Blissful As Gods'.The exhibition presents a new series of works of the artist, that reconstruct commonly known traditional Buddhist statues.

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“My work is to find a new angle of understanding these cultures. It happens when you have enough confident to look at these ready-made works as one of the human beings. What you need to do is to constantly breaking the stereotypes and achieve a new ego.” Xu Zhen

Along with its celestial nature, XU Zhen: Blissful as Gods will further challenge the concept of “recombination”, it will reconstruct commonly known traditional Buddhist statues, using materials beyond all expectations according to a hidden logic. A new visual perception will be born and quaintly coincide with the world around, thus initiating a dialogue with each other. This dialogue between one ideology and another, will involve culture, history, art, religion, tradition, political space...

Through this re-composition, all the materials’ inherent tradition and meaning will be rejected, presenting an intense estrangement and irritation. All these works will be gathered in one exhibition space. Subversions of cultural clashes will create a great impact on viewers. The effrontery and provocation that emanate from MadeIn/Xu Zhen’s art creation as a response to reality will all contribute to the abrupt and chaotic atmosphere of this exhibition.

Opening: Nov-11, 2014, 3:00-7:00p.m.

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Zhao Renhui
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