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Pinar Yoldas
dal 17/12/2014 al 17/1/2015
daily 10am - 10pm

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Pinar Yoldas

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Pinar Yoldas

MuseumsQuartier 21, Wien

Finally Feeling Fine? The artist uses her background to design new organs, new organisms and new species

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Artist/researcher Pinar Yoldas uses her background in neuroscience, biology and architecture to design new organs, new organisms and new species in the age of anthropocene, synthetic biology, breast implants, turbo capitalism, pelagic plastics, endocrine disruptors, online dating, habitat loss, serotonin uptake inhibitors, high fructose corn syrup, the connectome, and CO2 emissions. In "Finally Feeling Fine?", Yoldas argues that in the 21st century, cognitive dissonance is an inevitable symptom of everyday life (Lefebvre). In psychology, cognitive dissonance is explained as the mental discomfort experienced when one encounters contradictory beliefs, ideas or values simultaneously. How do we finally feel fine about the overwhelming consequences of our time, where technological achievements are in a symbiotic relationship with overproduction, overconsumption and excessive waste? Opening: Thuesday December 18, 7p.m.


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