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Kate Levant
dal 6/2/2015 al 9/4/2015

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Kate Levant

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Kate Levant

Galleria Collicaligreggi, Catania

Motile Resolutions. "Cio' che avviene stranamente e' l'attenzione fornita alla dinamica del tempo sentita... attraverso le distinzioni spaziali in cui esistiamo".

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Il 7 Febbraio 2015, alle ore 19, presso la galleria collicaligreggi di Catania inaugura la personale di Kate Levant dal titolo Motile Resolutions.

Press release
Intermittent passes of communication alternate along two ends of a line.. repetitious contact-lapses cross and overlap ..yet unclasped.. when one single recall fuses connection: Hello Kate, are you in Amsterdam? no. though she was previously.. for two years.. about one year ago.. but no.. is not in Amsterdam, but Trinidad de Beni. Ciao, I am in Bolivia.. a difference.. will be flying to Los Angeles in one week.. Will write you once I arrive there. The week passes. She boards a plane.. flies to LA. The week passes.. the week passes..?has she arrived in LA? Ciao! Massimo.. she greets the communication wave once again, yet still infected by a Jungle she assumed she stepped out of two weeks previously.. sends snapshots of work, and Insects in lieu of her frame of mind. Lets talk. Next week? You tell me. How about tomorrow?

They agree.. as time fluctuates strangely. Hallo… The conversation begins to revolve back and forth without idle weeks or months between words, questions, propositions. We've been following your work.. now, for years. How about you come here. come take a look. to see us here. direct flights.. LA to Rome.. to Catania.. the Selva.. Rio Mamore.. disappears.

Crossing these distances seemed immediately more difficult to conceptually comprehend than it is to actually do.. so scales of her thoughts expand and contract. It would be very nice if you come.. january .. february .. volcano. The course of 40 minutes becomes so Come.. maybe stay 18 days.. The decision is yours. Yes.. now, 43 rotations of the earth extend between one moment, and when We decide to arrange her arrival.. 42 until her departure.. but that Jungle tangled organism of live elements.. Resistance and allowance.. one hour can occults the Abubuya state of mind. so in Los Angeles, she grasps a globe.. ..Sicily. Distance contracts to the measure of the sphere in hand. Airplane tickets are purchased. How will each end of this line pass through the 42 days between >01 20> and now? 41. . 40. Counting mentally mediates time. .. and now, 24.. and Lava has been erupting.. flowing over trees here. They are still alive. Through the distance, she imagines such activity.. and arrival.. against the thought that primary impressions strike as graphic visuals.. immediate. Yet distanced.. 22..21.. distanced from a Jungle’s cautioned awareness.. In Los Angeles, she is drawn by insects' boring, still. 19.. 18.. Rubbing upon trees, rubbing to read inscriptions railed into, and upon surfaces.. a kind of brail like acquiring of patterns' trance.. Captivation is made physical by the act.. Direct contact. Attraction becomes fascination, made Physical.. direct. Approaching 16.. and counting down..

Time does not fluctuate. What occurs strangely is the attention provided to the dynamic of time-felt.. through the spatial distinctions in which we exist, or Occur.. moving nearer or farther from each point of contact.. with eyes transcribing world-to-mind.. having hands and feet and teeth too.. 13.. 11. 0

Inaugurazione 7 febbraio ore 19

Galleria Collicaligreggi
via Indaco (via raffineria), 23 Catania
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