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3rd Annual Collectors' Contemporary Collaboration
dal 11/3/2015 al 27/3/2015
every day 8am - 11pm

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Wu Dar-kuen

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3rd Annual Collectors' Contemporary Collaboration

Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong

Boundless Treasures: Inexhaustible and Limitless

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Collectors' Contemporary Collaboration (CCC) is the Hong Kong Arts Centre's annual exhibition showcasing highlights from Asian private collections. In this third edition, curator Wu Dar-kuen will offer us a glimpse into the treasured inventories of noted Taiwanese collectors, a group whose collective reputation has consistently impressed the international art world in terms of connoisseurship, sophistication, scholarship and patriotism. Based on in-depth conversations conducted with four contemporary art collectors from Taiwan, the exhibition is organised along four themes: (1) Desire and Emptiness, (2) The Reflection of Image, (3) Collecting and Social Relationships and (4) The Nature of Collecting. Featured collectors: Chen Bo-wen, R.C. Chen, Liu Ming-hau, Leo Shih.

Winter Garden
dal 12/8/2015 al 29/8/2015

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