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Dan + Lia Perjovschi
dal 20/3/2015 al 15/5/2015

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Dan + Lia Perjovschi

Christine Koenig Galerie, Wien

Dan Perjovschi is renowned for large-scale drawing installations commenting on current events, cultural paradoxes, and art world. Lia Perjovschi was recognized as one of the most significant performance artists.

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In some ways the exhibition touches the urgencies (immediate and future) of the 21st century. LIA PERJOVSCHI is looking prospectively and DAN PERJOVSCHI looks at it daily.

"Besides this actual political view there is something which is valid for both, something which is not related to the big narrative, something outside the theory and not related to the artistic demand of today. Something more instinctively and intuition related? Who knows? We do not have time for colour!" (quot. Dan Perjovschi)

DAN PERJOVSCHI is known for his graffiti-like drawings that cover the walls and floors of art galleries and museums around the world. His style resembles the editorial cartoons that he produces for newspaper, and the drawings often respond to divisions between the elite and the disadvantaged masses, the constantly shifting boundaries and nature of the European Union, and the movements of capital around the globe. Infused with gossip, literary references, and witty punch lines, Perjovschi's drawings deliver their political message with generosity and humor.

Since 1989, LIA PERJOVSCHI has created archives, diagrams, and information rooms that tell various modern histories and visually demonstrate how we organize history. Lia┬┤s projects such as her subjective art history, collection of globes, or maps of the mind are straightforward in their concept but complex in their implications. Her artwork asks us to consider how the construction of history affects the structure of our thoughts and if it is possible for an individual to take control of that process.

Image: Lia Perjovschi , how to change the world as individual, 2015, Print on vinyl, 200 x 300 cm

Opening: Saturday, March 21, 2015, 11-6 am
Saturday 1 am: from the CONVERSATION series: Lia + Dan Perjovschi in dialogue with Thomas Miessgang.

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Dan + Lia Perjovschi
dal 20/3/2015 al 15/5/2015

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