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The Nights of Uncertainty
dal 22/3/2015 al 22/3/2015

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Matthieu Simonnet

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The Nights of Uncertainty

Fondation Cartier, Paris

Through presentations, film screenings and the tasting of rare honeys, the guest speakers will allude to the environmental threats that are currently faced by bees and their likely consequences on biodiversity.

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An evening hosted by Cédric Villani (mathematician)
With Jean-Claude Ameisen (doctor, biologist, author of the radio program Sur les épaules de Darwin), Olivier Darné (artist, urban beekeeper), Elisabeth de Fontenay (philosopher), James Nieh (biologist) and Franck Ruffier (biorobotics researcher).

After the Bat Night in 2014, the Night of Honey sets out to discover the world of bees, from ancestral practices of beekeeping to the anthropological representations associated with them. For over 100 million years, bees have been gathering nectar and pollinating flowering plants; they thus play an essential role in the growth of fruit, vegetables and other plants, all the while producing honey. Domestic beekeeping has been practiced since at least the fifth millennium BC, as evidenced by a bas-relief at the sun temple of Abu Ghorab in Egypt. Today, a phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder is affecting bees worldwide, thereby radically threatening ecological (and economic) stability on an international scale.

The diversity of guests over the course of the evening will offer the public a fascinating insight into the world of bees, enabling a better understanding of this winged insect that is inextricably connected to our own lives. Through their presentations, film screenings and the tasting of rare honeys, guests will evoke the deep relationship that has united men and bees throughout history, recent developments in research on their social behavior and the unique phenomenon of swarm intelligence, and the development in recent years of rather striking biorobotics models inspired by their physiological capabilities. The discussion will also address the pressing issue of the environmental threats faced by bees and their disastrous consequences in terms of biodiversity.

And to transport audiences even further into the world of beekeeping, the Night of Honey will be an opportunity to taste rare honeys, steeped in history: honey collected by the Ayoreo Indians in the Chaco region of Paraguay, honey from Benin and Cameroon brought back by Cédric Villani on his recent trip to Africa, the miel Béton (concrete honey) produced by Olivier Darné in Seine-Saint Denis, honey from local producers in New Mexico where the artist Bruce Nauman lives, as well as the honey produced by the Visitandines Sisters at the Convent of the Visitation, a stone’s throw from the Fondation Cartier, and many other honeys: milky, runny, brown, bitter or granular… If circumstances allow, we also hope to taste the renowned honey produced by the honeypot ants of the Australian and North-American semi-deserts!

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Monday March 23, 2015 at 8 pm

Fondation Cartier
261, boulevard Raspail Paris
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