Il Salotto - Blueproject Foundation
Carrer Princesa 57
+34 931824371
Lionel Esteve
dal 5/3/2015 al 5/6/2015
Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 8pm

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Gerardo Peral


Lionel Esteve

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Lionel Esteve

Il Salotto - Blueproject Foundation, Barcelona

Un nuage sur mes epaules. a site-specific project designed to transform the Il Salotto

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The Blueproject Foundation presents "Un nuage sur mes epaules", the first solo exhibition of the French artist Lionel Esteve in Spain. It is the first time the Blueproject Foundation presents a site-specific project designed to transform the exhibition space and use all the features and potentiality of this space. Il Salotto is transformed into an autonomous universe where the viewer completely delves, discovering a poetry installation that converts the exhibition hall of the foundation in a colorful and dreamy world. Using the entire space of Il Salotto, Esteve plays with shapes and materials to propose a series of works presented as both air and dense.

Chen Zhen
dal 27/11/2014 al 21/2/2015

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