Il Salotto - Blueproject Foundation
Carrer Princesa 57
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Chen Zhen
dal 27/11/2014 al 21/2/2015
Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 8 pm

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Gerardo Peral


Chen Zhen

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Chen Zhen

Il Salotto - Blueproject Foundation, Barcelona

In-Between. A selection of five installations and a series of drawings and sketches

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Blueproject Foundation presents "In-Between", the first solo exhibition of this recognized Chinese artist in Spain. A proposal that offers a reflection on the balance of inner life, the relationship with Western culture and the fragility of the individual's inner world. Through a selection of five installations that are representative of the artist's career, and a series of drawings and sketches, the exhibition offers a journey through Chen Zhen's most pressing concerns and revealing his work's deepest quandaries. Chen Zhen is one of the leading figures of contemporary art in China. Since the early 80s, he was one of the pioneers of the generation that followed China's Cultural Revolution and a precursor to today's interest in the West for Chinese art.

Chen Zhen
dal 27/11/2014 al 21/2/2015

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