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Miserachs Barcelona
dal 17/9/2015 al 26/3/2016
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Mireia Collado


Horacio Fernandez

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Miserachs Barcelona

Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona MACBA, Barcelona

The Miserachs family deposits 80,000 photographic images, taken from 1954 to 1998

sintesi del comunicato stampa

An exciting journey through time, an adventure in which the phantasmagorical character of the photographs is sometimes pure archaeology and at other times the present day. In the exhibition the images of Barcelona, blanc i negre come alive, constantly changing like the continual transformative energy of the city and its people. As with the photobook, the show presents urban experiences that are as fluid and instantaneous as the photos, forever incomplete and imperfect, yet retaining the ephemeral and resisting oblivion. In Miserachs Barcelona, the viewer encounters the photos of Barcelona, blanc i negre arranged in the form of large murals, shop-windows, enlargements and projections. It opens with a twilight panorama, both unreal and documentary, that refers to the distant horizons of the cinema. Curator Horacio Fernandez.

Zhou Tao
dal 24/11/2015 al 29/11/2015

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