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Paul Sietsema
dal 17/10/2015 al 16/1/2016
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Paul Sietsema

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Paul Sietsema

NMNM Musee National de Monaco Villa Paloma, Monaco

In the project Room the artists presents seven new works

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For this exhibition, the artists has produced seven new works. Paul Sietsema takes from secondary sources in his two-dimensional works and films, revisiting the mechanisms involved in the transmission of knowledge. The objects he chooses to reproduce make it possible for him to explore the ambiguous relationship between the material and the imagery that permeate our way of understanding history and culture. And indeed they come from the most diverse areas of knowledge. Concurrently with the Project Room, the Video Room will present At the hour of tea, 2013. This work presents a sequence of arranged objects of the type commonly seen on a desktop. With this film Sietsema brings the tools of the study or office together with objects of contemplation often found there, overlaying time periods within the perceptual matrix of a workstation.

Paul Sietsema
dal 17/10/2015 al 16/1/2016

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