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The Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists 2004

Diverse venues, Belgrade

Today: Collections and Accumulations. The Yugoslav Biennial of young artists is the biggest exhibition of young art within the Balkan region. Traditionally taking place in Vrsac, a northern town renowned for its turbulent cultural and political history, the exhibition showcases a wide selection of recently produced artworks and plays a crucial role in keeping local art scene as vital and vibrant as it is today.

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Curators: Sinisa Mitrovic, Ana Nikitovic, Jelena Vesic

Assistant Curators: Radmila Joksimovic, Zorana Dojic, Una Popovic

The YUGOSLAV BIENNIAL OF YOUNG ARTISTS is the biggest exhibition of young art within the Balkan region. Traditionally taking place in Vrsac, a northern town renowned for its turbulent cultural and political history, the Biennial showcases a wide selection of recently produced artworks and plays a crucial role in keeping local art scene as vital and vibrant as it is today. Serbia & Montenegro is well known for its underground art scene and thriving music and club culture. The YUGOSLAV BIENNIAL OF YOUNG ARTISTS is one of the country's most prominent cultural institutions and the 2004 event is an important signifier of re-claiming Serbia & Montenegro's status as an equal member of the international community.

Bringing together more than 90 widely acclaimed international and national artists - from the US to Lithuania, from the Netherlands to Israel - the YUGOSLAV BIENNIAL OF YOUNG ARTISTS 2004 reflects relevant trends on the global art scene. Its main aim consists in offering a brash, playful, fresh, and - above all - young view of the complexities of contemporary art and its surrounding contexts.

Untitled (As Yet) - the Biennial's main exhibition - takes place in various locations around Vrsac including the Konkordija Centre for Contemporary Culture, an apartment in a residential block in the centre of town, and the so-called Honey Bank, that at different points in its vivid history served as a bank, hotel, brothel, and warehouse. Untitled (As Yet) is a non-thematic exhibition featuring more than 70 international artists and presenting works selected for a number of unashamedly subjective reasons. Examples vary from a gigantic 6.0 x 10.0m wall painting, and a brand of sweets created especially for the occasion, to a video re-enactment of the 1995 assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, a 15m long vinyl installation, and a living room built entirely out of old newspapers and magazines.

Rather than serving to support a certain curatorial thesis, Untitled (As Yet) is primarily conceived as a situation that allows artworks to enter an open-ended conversation which can potentially extend beyond the confines of an exhibition. The final result will not be discernible in advance - it depends on unpredictable conjunctions that the works establish among themselves. Given the rapid increase in the number of biennial exhibitions in the last couple of years, this strategy is also a means to question a certain established notion of a biennial. Choosing to re-empower individual artworks by giving them back the responsibility for the meaning of the show as a whole, the exhibition places focus more on the inner logic of its own unfolding and less on an elaborate rhetorical exercise or an overriding theoretical assumption. In the case of international participants, one of the objectives is to reactivate the giving potential of art and to present works not easily accessible to the local audiences.

The YUGOSLAV BIENNIAL OF YOUNG ARTISTS 2004 incorporates a series of concurrent exhibitions and events in Belgrade, including Art After Curating, a one-day conference on issues in contemporary curating featuring leading international curators.

The YUGOSLAV BIENNIAL OF YOUNG ARTISTS 2004 will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue and an exhibition guide.

Visitor information:
Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists 2004, 05 July - 05 August 2004,
various venues in Vrsac & Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro

05 July 2004 - 05 August 2004
Vrsac / Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro

1. Programme:

The Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists replaced the event of the same title that was held in Rijeka (Croatia) from the beginning of the 80's. After the decline of the former Yugoslavia in the 90's, it moved to Vrsac (Serbia & Montenegro).

Untitled (As Yet)
Curated by Sinisa Mitrovic, Ana Nikitovic, Jelena Vesic
05 July - 05 August 2004
Konkordija Centre for Contemporary Culture, Vrsac
Honey Bank, Vrsac
Vrsac Cultural Centre, Vrsac
Press view 05 July 11am-2pm
Opening 05 July at 8 pm

Participating artists: Bobby Abrahamson (USA), Kamal Aljafari (Palestine), Boaz Arad & Miki Kratsman (Israel), Johanna Billing (Sweden), Ivan Bon (Serbia & Montenegro), Bashir Borlakov (Turkey), Slater Bradley (USA), Paul Carter (UK), Peter Coffin (USA), Phil Collins (UK), Marko Crnobrnja (Serbia & Montenegro), Slavica Panic & Biljana Bodiroga (Serbia & Montenegro), Giovanni De Lazzari (Italy), Milena Dragicevic (UK), Davor Dukic (Serbia & Montenegro), Vesna Dunimagloska (Macedonia), Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard (UK), Inaki Garmendia & Asier Mendizabal (Spain), gelatin (Austria), Milena Gordic (Serbia & Montenegro), Ivan Grubanov (Serbia & Montenegro), Stefan Haus (Croatia), Sharon Hayes (USA), Ana Husman & Ana Seric (Croatia), Sinisa Ilic (Serbia & Montenegro), Ivana Jelavic (Croatia), Ivana Jovanovic (Serbia & Montenegro). Jeroen Kooijmans (Netherlands), Nenad Kostic (Serbia & Montenegro), Zsolt Kovacs (Serbia & Montenegro), Torsten Lauschmann (UK), Sinisa Labrovic (Croatia), Liisa Lounila (Finland), Milena Maksimovic (Serbia & Montenegro), Marcin Maciejowski (Poland), Nikoleta Markovic (Serbia & Montenegro), Jelena Martinovic (Serbia & Montenegro), Renzo Martens (Netherlands), Ivan Moudov (Bulgaria), Rosalind Nashashibi (UK), Isabel Nolan (Ireland), Agmet Ogut (Turkey), Sener Ozmen (Turkey), Adrian Paci (Italy), Marija Pavlovic (Serbia & Montenegro), Bruno Peinado (France), Vedran Perkov (Croatia), Ivan Petrovic (Serbia & Montenegro), Susan Philipsz (UK), Cristi Pogaecan (Romania), Darinka Pop-Mitic (Serbia & Montenegro), Valerie Prot (Spain), Maja Radanovic (Serbia & Montenegro), Maja Rakocevic (Serbia & Montenegro), Jelena Radic (Serbia & Montenegro), Arturas Raila (Lithuania), Dragan Rajsic (Serbia and Montenegro), Stefano Romano (Italy), Petra Seveljevic (Croatia), Goran Skofic (Croatia), Ivana Smiljanic (Serbia & Montenegro), Praneet Soi (India), Boris Sribar (Serbia & Montenegro), Laura Stasiulyte (Lithuania), Vera Vecanski (Serbia & Montenegro), Version (Romania), Francesco Vezzoli (Italy), Natalija Vujosevic (Serbia & Montenegro), Jasmila Zbanic (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Katarina Zdjelar (Serbia & Montenegro), Primož Novak (Slovenia), Nika Oblak (Slovenia).

Chad McCail: Life Is Driven by Desire for Pleasure
Curated by Marina Martic
01 - 28 July 2004
Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade
Private view 03 July 7-9pm
Press view 03 July 11am-2pm

On the occasion of Dimitrije Basicevic Mangelos Award for Young Visual Artist
Curated by Zorana Dojic, Radmila Joksimovic & Una Popovic
5 July - 5 August 2004
Cultural Centre - Vrsac

Collections and Accumulations
Curated by Vladimir Tupanjac
09 - 23 July 2004
Student Cultural Centre, Belgrade
Private View 07 July 7-9pm
Press View 07 July 1-3pm

Sculpture Gardens
A launch of a bookwork by Vesna Pavlovic
09 July 2004 7-9pm
Ethnographic Museum, Belgrade

Art After Curating:
A one-day conference on the troubled love affair between art & curating
Zoran Eric (Serbia & Montenegro), Taru Elfving (Finland), Annie Fletcher (Ireland/Netherlands), Per Hüttner (Sweden), Hans Ulrich Obrist (France), Stevan Vukovic (Serbia & Montenegro), WHW (Croatia), Paul O'Neill, Sasa Nabergoj (Slovenia)
Chair: Branislav Dimitrijevic (Serbia & Montenegro)
10 July 2004
Student Cultural Centre, Belgrade
Morning session: 10am-2pm
Afternoon session: 3-6pm

All Tomorrow's Parties
curated by Cecilia Canziani
10 July - 11 August 2004
Zvono Gallery, Belgrade
Private view 10 July 8-10pm
Press view 10 July 1-3pm
Participating artists: Wolfgang Berkovski (Germany), Donatella Di Cicco (Italy), Julie Henry (UK),
Rä Di Martino (Italy), Gilles Perry (UK) and Pietro Sanguineti (Germany).

How to write a project proposal?
How to present a portfolio?
may 2004.
Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade
Lecturers and co-ordinators: Svebor Midžic, Marijana Cvetkovic, Jelena Vesic,
Svetlana Jovicic, Ana Nikitovic, Zoran Pantelic

Svebor Midzic is the director of the Centre for Contemporary Arts Belgrade.
Sinisa Mitrovic is a curator and critic based in the UK.
Ana Nikitovic is an independent curator based in Serbia & Montenegro.
Jelena Vesic is the curator at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Belgrade.

Director: Zivko Grozdanic
Art Director: Svebor Midzic
Technical Director: Dejan Todorovic-Vlahovic

Production manager: Marijana Cvetkovic
Organisation: Nana Radenkovic
Program Co-ordinator: Nada Grozdanic

Organisation & production: Konkordija Cultural Centre, Vrsac
Centre for Contemporary Arts, Belgrade

The YUGOSLAV BIENNIAL OF YOUNG ARTISTS 2004 is sponsored by Serbian Ministry for Culture and Media, Secretariat for Culture, Education, Science and Sports of the Province of Vojvodina, City Municipality of Vrsac and Hemofarm-Vrsac, British Council, Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Pro Helvetia, Fund for Open Society, Italian Cultural Institute - Belgrade, French Cultural Centre - Belgrade.

In the image a work by Chad McCail.

For press information and visuals please contact:
Ana Nikitović

Contact Belgrade:
Ana Nikitovć
Centre for Contemporary Arts, UÅ¡će Save bb, 11070 Novi Beograd, SCG
T. +381 11 311 6964 | F. +381 11 311 2955 | M. +381 63 740 9909

Contact Vršac:
Nada Grozdanić,
Konkordija Cultural Centre, Fruškogorska 62, 26 300 Vršac, SCG
T. +381 13 818 869 | T. +381 13 823 251| F. +381 13 816 575


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