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Biannual All Artists Show

Paul Sharpe Contemporary Art, New York

As the gallery is based on a collector's sensibility, it is fascinating to view the works together, seeing individual voices in a collective aesthetic. Established and emerging artists from around the world: R. Appleton, C. Bandres, A. Bozal, A. Cannata, A. Christian, C. Coleman, A. Cuenca, L. Cummings, F. Dorn, G. Garfinkel, L. Harrison, L. RS Lim, K. Martin, R. Murray, M. Penrose, R. Richmond, J. Costa Rosis, A. Serna, D. Blue, S. Tattfoo, T. Lee Whittier

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New York, NY – Paul Sharpe Contemporary Art (PSCA) announces the opening of a new exhibit entitled Biannual All Artists Show, featuring the work of all the artists the gallery represents and those with whom it has an ongoing relationship. Opening January 12, 2005, 6 – 9 PM, thru February 5.

The show will include the following artists: Robert Appleton, Carlos Bandres, Amaya Bozal, Alfredo Cannata, Anton Christian, Craig Coleman, Arturo Cuenca, Linda Cummings, Barbara Friedman, Gloria Garfinkel, Laura Harrison, Judi Harvest, Robert Irwin, Jeff Kowatch, Aaron Krach, Lenore RS Lim, Michelle Mackey, Katy Martin, Robinson Murray, Mike Peck, Martin Penrose, Robin Richmond, John Rosis, Alex Serna, Dylan Blue Stone, Tattfoo Tan, and Lee Whittier.

The exhibit is an extraordinary opportunity to view works by the gallery’s artists first hand at the same time. As the gallery is based on a collector’s sensibility, it is fascinating to view the works together, seeing individual voices in a collective aesthetic. The gallery is proud to represent these established and emerging artists from around the world and hopes that you will join us in enjoying their artistic achievement.

The last all artists show was presented in March/April 2002.

paul sharpe contemporary art
PSCA is founded on the premise that the artist comes first and is the raison d’être of the art world. The role of the gallerist is to nurture creative accomplishment and to cultivate those who can help sustain the artists. The artists represented are those whose work one would wish to collect, while helping to support their careers. PSCA is led by Paul Sharpe, formerly of the Whitney Museum of American Art.

The space itself is meant to encourage a dialogue in issues in art today and as such is designed as a salon rather than a white box. The color scheme is blue, camel, and white and it is inspired by a Justin Knowles painting of the mid 1960s. The concept is to create a space where artist and art lovers can congregate and appreciate fine contemporary art.

artists represented
Robert Appleton Carlos Bandres Amaya Bozal Alfredo Cannata
Anton Christian Craig Coleman Arturo Cuenca Linda Cummings
Fairfax Dorn Gloria Garfinkel Laura Harrison Lenore RS Lim
Katy Martin Robinson Murray Martin Penrose Robin Richmond
John Costa Rosis Alex Serna Dylan Blue Stone Tattfoo Tan
Lee Whittier

work available
Amos Badertscher Robert Blackburn Yoan Capote Judi Harvest Robert Irwin
Jeff Kowatch Aaron Krach Michelle Mackey Mike Peck

For further information, slides, transparencies, and jpegs, please phone the gallery at 646 613 1252. Additional information about the artists and the gallery may be found at the website.

DATE January 12 2005
TIME 6 – 9 PM


RSVP 646 613 1252

ON VIEW January 12 thru February 5 2005

The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday, Noon to 6 PM, and by appointment.

WHERE Paul Sharpe Contemporary Art
86 Walker Street, Floor Six, New York, NY 10013
(Walker is one block below Canal, between Broadway & Lafayette)

Lenore RS Lim
dal 26/11/2007 al 4/1/2008

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