WhiteBox Art Center
New York
Broome Street, 329
212 7142347 FAX 212 7142349
S&P Stanikas
dal 15/9/2005 al 21/10/2005
212 7142347
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S&P Stanikas

WhiteBox Art Center, New York

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End of a Millennium. Some of the recent art events and currents occurring now in Lithuania; the project is complex in form consisting of large-scale photographs, giant graphite drawings, and terracotta sculptures resembling bronze or marble and video works. The artists presents their latest work, which is a visual inquiry into the fields of human existence. It speaks about the timeless and continuing subjects of beauty, ethics, conflicts and friendships, death, faith and history.

Now You See
dal 27/5/2014 al 14/6/2014

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