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Peter Gallo: Goodbye Picasso
dal 2/11/2005 al 2/12/2005
212 9898700
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Peter Gallo: Goodbye Picasso

Freight + Volume, New York

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In the tradition of punk, neo-punk, Lettrism and Situationism, Gallo steals the words and images of others for his own ends; snippets from Roland Barthes, Freud, Mondrian, Tony Shafrazis and queer pornography – all turn up on occasion, mixed in with lyrics gleaned from Gallos favorite music: The Cocteau Twins, Dusty Springfield, The Magnetic Fields, or Joy Division. The artist seemingly apathetic brushstroke across a found object or yard sale painting conveys something ultimately profound and positive.

Romer + Romer
dal 19/3/2014 al 25/4/2014

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