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dal 26/9/2006 al 26/11/2006
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Centre Pompidou, Paris

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Colletion De La Caisse des Depots. New works by Thomas Struth, Andreas Gursky, Thomas Ruff, Martin Parr, Thomas Demand, Vale'rie Jouve, Eric Poitevin and Sophie Ristelhueber are now part of the national collections thanks to the Caisse des Depots' donation. The Centre Pompidou's photograph bank has considerably enriched its collection with these nearly 700 new works by more than 200 French and foreign artists (most of whom were not in our collections). These paintings, which are of remarkable quality and breadth, are currently on show in a large exhibition spanning three main themes: the representation of power, social and political dimensions, and fiction and illusion.

Anselm Kiefer
dal 15/12/2015 al 17/4/2016

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