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Hans Haacke
dal 16/11/2006 al 13/2/2007

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Hans Haacke

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Hans Haacke

Akademie der Kunste, Berlin

For real. Works 1959 - 2006. An exhibition at two places

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For real. Works 1959 - 2006. An exhibition at two places

Deichtorhallen in Hamburg and Akademie der Kunste in Berlin are presenting the most extensive exhibition so far of works by Hans Haacke and the first retrospective of the German-born artist in his homeland. The exhibition is organized in two locations, with 71 works from the artists own collection and several big international museums and lenders.

Since the early 60s, Hans Haacke has managed to keep his independence relative to institutions and is considered, especially by a younger generation of artists, as a moral authority. Internationally, time and again, he has produced spectacular political works. In 1993 his installation in the German pavilion at the Venice Biennial, together with Nam June Paik, was awarded the Golden Lion. And a few months ago, a commemorative permanent installation, honoring Rosa Luxemburg, has been completed in Berlin.

Since the beginning of the 1970s, the critical analysis and presentation of the political, economic, and institutional connections between the protagonists of the art market und museums, as well as of sponsors and mega collectors are at the core of a major part of Hans Haacke’s work. Another central aspect of his work is dedicated to ecological questions and to issues that matter outside the circumscribed spaces of institutions and have relevance in the public arena.

This joint exhibition includes, in both venues, installations, sculptures, photographs, paintings and text works from 1959 until today. The emphasis in Hamburg is on early works as well as on works, which deal with the economy, business and sponsoring. In Berlin, at the Pariser Platz, a politically and historically charged site, the Akademie der Kunste presents works in which history and politics will play the dominant role.

Hans Haacke conceived new installations for both Hamburg and Berlin. “Innen/Aussen: Spiegelfechterei" at Deichtorhallen brings the outside environment into the exhibition space, while “Kein schner Land" at Akademie der Kunste addresses xenophobia in Germany today.

Installation views of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg under: http://www.deichtorhallen.de

Installation views of the Akademie der Kunste under: http://www.adk.de

Curators: Robert Fleck (Deichtorhallen Hamburg), Matthias Flugge (Akademie der Kunste, Berlin)

A catalogue of about 340 pages with contributions by Benjamin Buchloh, Rosalyn Deutsche, Walter Grasskamp, as well as numerous essays by Hans Haacke is published by Richter Verlag, Dusseldorf . (German/English)

The exhibition was funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the Kunststiftung NRW.

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November 17, 2006 - February 4, 2007

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November 18, 2006 - January 14, 2007

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