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Lois Renner
dal 22/11/2006 al 19/2/2007

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Lois Renner

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Lois Renner

Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna, Wien


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European month of photography

Lois Renner has made the step into the digital. He is known for precisely composed, ironic - narrative images of interior spaces, of his studio that also show the interior of the artist himself. The spaces and the objects are being designed in all dimensions by the painter-sculptor-installation-artist- architect-photographer to be finally treated with the media of the flat, photography, which leads it to be a unique piece of photography with the size and quality of a traditional panel. Renner is adding a new level to his long-term studies of the relations between photography and painting, not leaving aside the aspects of being a contemporary artist.

Like in his early work painting is the role model for photography, literally as well as in the figurative sense. Renner has build up a new relationship between the spaces and the images of his inside. Since technological progress allows producing digital images in all sizes, Renner takes advantage of this new media to achieve new cognition of reality. The digital supports and questions analogue methods like painting, sculptures and traditional photography.

Technically spoken hybrids arise - a concept that fits perfectly to characterize and describe the artistic qualities of his work. Actually all of Lois Renners work treats hybridity. While photography seems to take a look at the things from the outside painting shows the inside of this world. Interlacing in- and outside is not only a method but also the topic of Lois Renners art. The artists view at reality, his own perspective, reveals the essence of his artistic point of view.

"Photography I use like a torch that illuminates my inside. Paintings arise from what I’ve found there." that’s how the artist describes his method of operation. The studio is a room, but also a metaphor for the artists inside, the location for permanent introspection. Photographed faces are incorporated into painted portraits, zones appear in the spaces that seem to evoke a different level of reality. Those levels of reality seem to disappear, even though they are not even existing in photography and painting. Everything’s painting, everything’s photography, everything is everything at the same time. A photo of the studio is the pattern for the painting as well as this painting is the pattern for photography, to be then treated pictorially. The product is - a photo? A painting? In the case of Lois Renner it’s an image.
(Maribel Koniger)

Image: Lois Renner, Havanna, 2006, 180 x 268cm, C-Print/Plexi/Dibond

Opening: 23.11.2006 within Seilerstatte, Vienna

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