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Spatial Visions
dal 1/4/2007 al 1/5/2007

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Spatial Visions

Fotogalerie Wien, Wien

All 3 artists deal with the theme of space and the idea of expansion, fiction and new order. Herbert Blanz compressing architectural elements from the urban jungle as if using puzzle pieces, Nina Dick also moving from an interpreted set street, Susanne Pomrehn creating a room installation based on the conditions of the gallery space.

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Group show

All three artistic positions in the exhibition Spatial Visions unite the discussion around the theme of space and the idea of expansion, fiction, and new order.

Herbert Blanz takes architectural elements from the urban jungle and compresses them like puzzle pieces achieving a graceful architectural utopian composition. The montages from documentary photography (facades in Manhattan and highway interchanges surrounding Vienna from the view of a pedestrian) expand into large format photographs. These photographs possess an enormous depth and suggestive effect, which draws the viewer into this visionary city structure.

Nina Dick's starting point is also the newly thought out urban space and interpreted scenes-a set street characteristic, an intellectually surveyed area acting as direct intervention or reflecting local circumstances.

If visitors of the Fotogalerie Wien were to find themselves suddenly misplaced in outer space Dick's places and spaces would become active and acquire their own life.

Susanne Pomrehn works in a completely opposite way. Starting with the World Wide Web as a communication and information platform image data is taken and further manipulated. Creating a fragile room installation resulting from setting specific conditions of the actual gallery space with the original material. The Result: interplay out of virtual reality, vision, and reality.

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