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Synthetische Natur
dal 17/4/2007 al 9/6/2007

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Synthetische Natur

D21 Kunstraum, Leipzig

A show in the context of international photography festival

comunicato stampa

A show in the context of "Nicht nur Lachs und Würstchen" , Municipal Museum Leipzig und f/stop 1. international photography festival Leipzig

Kjersti Berg
Per Christian Brown
Sveinn Fannar Johannsson
Einar Horsberg
Marte Johnslien
Mikkel McAlinden
Eline Mugaas
Jenny Rydhagen
Børre Sæthre
Anders Valde

The artist and his environment
"Synthetic" and "Nature" - both terms could not be more differing. In the selected images of ten Norwegian artists who form the exhibition, nature is not merely a mimetic depiction of itself but a set of staged nature-alike images in the guise of an invisible collage not to be mistaken with reality.

The works on the show convey a strong sense of how photography has mutated from a medium representing our world into a medium re-enacting our world.

Besides the classical concepts of an intact and untouched nature, Leif Magne Tangen, the curator of this exhibition, is presenting artists who are looking at their immediate living environment in order to reflect on 'urban nature'. The series "Painting the Clouds with Sunshine" by Per Christian Brown is showing a masked young man sitting on a bed in an unsophisticated hotel room, scattered around him are balloons. This image is a metaphore for the young man's own material environment which he recreates as he likes by adding and synthesising new (artificial) elements.

Image: Per Christian Brown, Painting the Clouds with Sunshine#1, 2006

Press Preview Wed, 4-18-07 from 1 - 4 pm
Opening, Thur 4-19-07, 6 pm

Artist talk with Brunch [Eline Mugaas and Sveinn Fannar Johannsson, in english] Sun, 6-10-07, 11 am

Demmeringstr. 21 04177 Leipzig, Germany
open Thurs - Sun from 2 - 8 pm

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