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Source Code
dal 30/5/2007 al 9/8/2007

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Source Code

Eyebeam, New York

Programming Eyebeam Style

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Programming Eyebeam Style

The first in a series of three retrospective exhibitions celebrating Eyebeam's contributions to the art and tech field

Eyebeam is pleased to announce a special exhibition of 14 projects from 10 years of residencies, fellowships and commissions in Eyebeam's labs. The pieces featured have developed since their life at Eyebeam and/or will be reactivated with events, performances, and workshops demonstrating and sharing the process of their creation.

This exhibition is the first of three commemorating Eyebeam's 10th anniversary and the organization's unique role in supporting artists experimenting with or critically examining the impact of new technologies in creative endeavor. The institution's multiple channels of support include artist residencies, yearlong fellowships commissions and educational programs.

Source Code refers to the human-readable instructions used in computer programming that must be translated to machine-language in order to be executed; it also alludes to the roots, or "source code" of Eyebeam's own origins. The works in the exhibition share the conceit of being parameter-based in that their conceptual thrust relies on fixed conventions, methodologies or formal constraints which generate and transform meaning.

The noteworthy lineup of artists, technologists, hackers and programmers in Source Code demonstrates diverse and vibrant genres of creative exploration that defy easy categorization. The artists and collectives participating in the exhibition are: Cory Arcangel, Carrie Dashow, eteam, Nina Katchadourian, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, MediaShed, neuroTransmitter, Steve Lambert, Alex Galloway and artists using Galloway's Carnivore client -- a surveillance tool for data network that serves that data to various creative interfaces called "clients" to make their work: Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Golan Levin, MTAA and Mark Napier.

Release of projects into the public domain is among Eyebeam's mandates, which leads to re-appropriation or use of the source-code beyond Eyebeam walls, as illustrated by Carnivore clients.

The exhibition's opening reception will be catered to, in part, by Steve Lambert's Co-op Bar (2007), which offers a low-level investment and community space in the form of a co-operatively owned bar. Designed to take advantage of the surge in potential customers at an art opening, the co-op bar maximized profit by only serving hard alcohol: shots, mixed drinks, martinis, etc. Investors double their investment and receive a discount at the bar. As an artist or supporter of the arts, when you buy a drink at the Co-op Bar you are putting money back into the local arts community. A percentage of the profits from the bar will go toward supporting artists' projects and services.

The Co-op Bar will be in service on specific dates and times during the duration of the exhibition, a schedule will be available online at www.eyebeam.org, for more information on the artists and works featured in the show see the below links.

Cory Arcangel
Carrie Dashow
Nina Katchadourian
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy
Steve Lambert
Alex Galloway & RSG
Jonah Brucker-Cohen
Golan Levin
Mark Napier

Image: Alex Galloway, Carnivore

540 W. 21st Street - New York

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