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Borderline - Moving Images

Different venues, Beijing

A wide range of activities

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Initiated by: BAO Atelier and Platform China Contemporary Art Institute.
Art Directors: Beatrice Leanza and Pauline Doutreluingne

Borderline is a Beijing-based urban palimpsest evolving over a 12 months period into a 9-days main event held annually at the end of June.
It is developed trough a wide range of activities centred on the identity of the moving image, and predicated on the hybrid nature of the contemporary cultural one.

This venture looks at promoting itself as a continuous experience extended throughout by means of customized events, special projects, on-going workshops and educational programmes in collaboration with different local and international institutions and educational structures: as a urban laboratory it promotes an intellectual nomadism delivering always renewed forms of communication and production.
Concretely we envision this endeavour as an experience-making machine which will progress in a series of actions/events (locally and internationally) representing participation and narration, while culminating in a constructed sequence of projects unfolding throughout different spaces and locations around the city.
A scenario of liquid disciplines, Borderline will be drawn as a long cord over-imposing the city, a narrative achieved by sets of exhibitions, performances, workshops, lectures, concerts, public screenings that will guide people into a sited reading of the city, an urban story-telling in the form of a modular mobile lab.

Bridging perspectives from installation, short film, documentary, animation, performance and music, sound art, new graphics, architecture and design, Borderline will be forged as a cadenced experience from point to point, like a dilated vision appropriating the city, a temporary firmament which instead of blowing the city up will progressively reveal one of its possible universes onto its flowing fabric.


Day 1| Grand Opening: “Just Like the Movies” accompanied by live Piano Performance, by
Michal Kosakowski, Music and Piano Performance: Paolo Marzocchi

Day 1| Exhibition “Seduction – A Theory-Fiction between the Real and the Possible”
Venue: Soho Shangdu, West Tower - Floor B2
Curated by: Beatrice Leanza, BAO Atelier (Beijing, HK)
Space design: Li Naihan, BAO Atelier (Beijing, HK)
Artists: Fikret Atay, Johanna Billing, Candice Breitz, Mircea Cantor, Călin Dan, Claire Fontaine, Gao Shiqiang, Clarisse Hahn, Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler, Jesper Just, Mathieu Laurette, Melik Ohanian, Ou Ning & Cao Fei, Shi Qing, Ulla Von Brandemburg, Wu Wenguang, Zhang Peili.

Day 2| Exhibition: “We Cannot Stop, to Stop is To Fail!”
Venue: Platform China
Artists: Yang Fudong, Jiang Zhi, Song Tao, Liang Yue, Sheng Jie, Meng Jin and Fang Er, Zhao Liang, Mira Sanders, Saskia Holmkvist, Tsui Kuang-Yu,Damien Roach, Lin Chuan-chu and Oliver Lyons.
Concept and Curatorship: Pauline Doutreluingne
Exhibition design: Shuhei Aoyama and Sugita So

Day 3-4-5-6-7-8 | 6 – DAYS Mobile Lab: Performance , Workshops, Screenings. (Check website for detailed information).
Venues: Beijing Film Academy, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Drive-In Movie Theatre, Dashanzi Art District

Day 7-8| Night Events: digital sounds, pure electronic music, low fi electro rock, local iconic bands and a kaleidoscope of vjs, the two nights feature 15 acts that show the diversity of techniques and expression forms contained under the digital culture label.
(Check website for detailed information).

Day 9| Closure: ‘Bloody Sunday’ presents - The Mini Movie Movement ( AGF.3 and SUE C.), SCANNER live (UK), QUIO live (GER).
Venue: Platform China, outside yard.

Grand Opening: June 23, 7:30 PM – Soho Shangdu (Beijing)

Venues: Soho Shangdu, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing Film Academy, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Drive-In Movie Theatre, Dashanzi Art District.

Beijing Voice: Unlived by what is seen
dal 12/12/2014 al 14/3/2015

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