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Julio Gonzalez
dal 3/7/2007 al 7/10/2007

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Julio Gonzalez

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Julio Gonzalez

Centre Pompidou, Paris

Some two hundred of his works: paintings, sculptures, drawings and jewellery

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Thanks to its exceptionally rich collection of paintings, sculptures, cartoons and jewellery by Gonzalez, the Pompidou Centre will be paying a tribute to the Catalan sculptor by presenting almost two hundred of his works, either purchases by the Musee national d'art moderne or gifts and bequests from the artist's daughter. This retrospective will be looking to retrace the major stages in his artistic career, from his initial training as a wrought iron craftsman and creator of jewellery to his first figurative works, from the creation of huge linear wrought iron sculptures from the 1930s to his last metamorphic sculptures.

Anselm Kiefer
dal 15/12/2015 al 17/4/2016

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