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Des mondes perdus (On Lost Worlds)
dal 19/12/2006 al 15/9/2007

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Des mondes perdus (On Lost Worlds)

CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art, Bordeaux

Works by 9 artists

comunicato stampa

Curated by Charlotte Laubard

David Maljkovic, Mario Merz, Laurent Montaron, Diego Perrone, Paul Pfeiffer, Daniel Roth, Bettina Samson, Simon Starling, Paul Thek

The Diego Perrone, David Maljkovic and On Lost Worlds exhibitions are tantamount to extensions of the Grey Flags exhibition, shown at the CAPC from December 2006 to March 2007. The works in these three exhibitions fight shy of delivering messages, and are not easy to pigeonhole. They are evocative and disquieting, weaving a narrative in which the set of references vanishes, to be replaced by a quest into the power of vision. How one can "reload" this strength of representations, after the bankruptcy of modernist utopias, just when digital technologies are imposing on image systems an uninterrupted flow and renewal? The works of Perrone, Maljkovic and the artists alongside them in the Lost Worlds exhibition can thus be read as devices of regurgitation and deceleration. As if certain images and certain forms refused to disappear, and came back to haunt our amnesiac consciousness. So there is a backward-looking dimension inherent in these works. As if it were necessary to face up to the past, to what has been repressed, in order to have a chance to imagine a future.

Diego Perrone
Boccioni’s Mother in an Ambulance and The Casting of the Bell

David Maljkovic
Days below memory

Image: Diego Perrone, La mamma di Boccioni in ambulanza e la fusione della campana

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