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Damien Hirst
dal 1/6/2007 al 8/9/2007

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Damien Hirst

Kabuso, Oystese

Life, death and love

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Life, death and love

curated by Gunnar B. Kvaran, Hanne Beate Ueland and Grete Arbu

In collaboration with Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art in Oslo, Kabuso arts centre presents a broad exhibition of work by Damien Hirst. In line with Damien Hirst's ambitious art, this exhibition has a title that comprises truly large themes: life, death and love. Hirst himself has claimed that there are four important consorts in his life: art, love, religion and science. His artistic project is to seek connections -- contrasts and dilemmas -- between life and death, love and desire, machines and human beings, art and popular culture, beauty and gruesomeness, irony and seriousness, and religion and science. By staging juxtapositions of these themes, he creates a highly contrasting and explosive art that confronts the public in a way many find beyond the bounds of decency.

The works of Damien Hirst that form the basis of this exhibition, all of which are from the Astrup Fearnley Collection, reflect his artistic developments. And cumulatively, the installations, sculptures and paintings presented here offer an important overview of the main formalistic and thematic thoughts of the artist during the past decade.

About Kabuso arts centre

Kabuso is situated in the small village Oystese in Hardanger, Norway. The centre lies just next door to the Ingebrigt Vik Museum, which contains the collection of Ingebrigt Vik, one of the biggest Norwegian classical sculptors.

Kabuso also has a good chamber-music hall. Throughout the summer, we host classical matinee concerts, in collaboration with Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen, as well as other concerts.

International visitors will also appreciate the magnificent nature of the area. From the arts centre you can view the Hardanger Fjord, snow capped mountains and Folgefonna - the local glacier.

Hardangerfjordvegen 626 - Oystese
Opening hours: September-May: Tuesday-Sunday 11-15, June-August: Tuesday-Sunday 10-17
Admission: NOK 50,- Children free

Damien Hirst
dal 1/6/2007 al 8/9/2007

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