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Hans Eijkelboom
dal 30/8/2007 al 20/10/2007

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Hans Eijkelboom

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Hans Eijkelboom

Foam Photography Museum, Amsterdam

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Solo show

Over the past few years, the Dutch photographer Hans Eijkelboom has worked in three of the world’s megacities: Paris, New York and Shanghai. These three metropolises not only each represent a different continent and culture, but in a certain sense also the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries, respectively. Like a consummate sociologist, Eijkelboom has focused his camera on hundreds of individuals who all behaved or dressed in the same way.

These shots were then chronicled and presented according to a set pattern as a catalogue of minute forms of human behaviour. Eijkelboom combines this with images of the urban landscape, generally making just one such photograph. He presents his work, which can be considered conceptual photography, in the form of a simple grid. The tension between uniformity and individuality and the impact of globalisation on behaviour and personal appearance are important themes. A catalogue will be published to accompany this exhibition.

FOAM Photography Museum
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