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New York
30 Washington Street (Brooklyn)
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Sex in the City
dal 14/9/2007 al 1/12/2007
Thu - Mon 12 - 6pm or by appointment

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Vanessa Chimera

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Sex in the City

Dumbo Arts Center, New York

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Group Show

Featuring works by:
A.K. Burns, Boris Torres, Chitra Ganesh, Donnie & Travis, Edie Fake and Dewayne Slightweight, David Humphrey, Jayson Keeling, Kathe Burkhart, Marilyn Minter, Marina Adams, Mickalene Thomas, Suzanne McClelland, The Third Leg, Ulrike Müller, Vanessa Chimera, Will Villalongo.

"We make art, and in doing so, we offer our poetry—ourselves—to the world. It's a call-and-response, a dance, a seduction. Seduction and pleasure are nowhere more evident than in sex, of course. To paraphrase Gregg Bordowitz, sexuality is how you touch the world, and how the world touches you. We recognize our desires and send out a heads-up. I'm like you. Are you like me?

Along comes Lacan who tells us that desire is always the desire of the other. Another has an other, implicitly. Our desires are not our own. We're momentarily destabilized. The center is off to the side. Our desires are the result of what we see, what turns us on. They're molded by our environment and our culture. How do you decide what's sexy, what's hot? Here's that prism again: our desire a triangle — the desirer, the desired, and those that recognize this want, our community. Desire is collective. Sex surrounds us. We play with it, in it. Our jouissance. We send reflected rays out to the world and watch where they stick.

"Sex in the City" grabs at this feeling, laying its hands on objects of desire. It feels out contours of bodies and form, in skins made of paint and flesh and film. Let's see where it goes." Dean Daderko, September 2007

Opening 15 september 2007

Dumbo Arts Center
30 Washington Street, Brooklyn, NY
Free admission

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