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By Method of Reasoning
dal 19/10/2007 al 27/10/2007

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By Method of Reasoning

Onomatopee, Eindhoven

Presentation during Dutch Design Week. Visual rhetoric revised: An inquiry into the moral possibilities of visual rhetoric's. The project seeks to map out the strategic and emancipatory possibilities of critical and engaged design.

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Presentation during Dutch Design Week

By Method of Reasoning Visual rhetoric revised: An inquiry into the moral possibilities of visual rhetoric’s. The publication of three, unique graphically designed short treatises.

Theory Design
Max Bruinsma & Strange Attractors
Rudi Laermans & Karen van de Kraats
Meta Haven & Meta Haven

With this project, Onomatopee will map out the strategic and emancipatory possibilities of critical and engaged design, the type of design for which the Netherlands is highly renowned. With this project, we will further attempt to stimulate the bold and profound endeavours of design, and further strengthen its resonance.

In 2006, Onomatopee investigated the subject of visual literacy. In 2007, we will try to investigate various visual rhetorics. The strategies and motives by which design presents itself means that design either works or it doesn’t. In other words, design can be judged on its effectiveness. Visual Rhetorics involve the technical strategies of persuasion used on various target groups. Onomatopee believes that visual rhetorics enter the private domain in a dynamic manner. Visual rhetorics, are rooted in propaganda that targets social groups and has subsequently evolved into today’s marketing strategies that focuses on specific demographic groups. Moreover, it demands an awareness of it’s own functionality, especially if want to keep our selves in our own hands. Our aim is to maintain some level of control over its consequences.

How can we stimulate target groups when it comes to their relationships to text and image? How can people be motivated to actively interact with their visual surroundings? What are the crucial motives that serve specific interests and aims? Theoreticians were invited to write a short treatise on visual rhetoric with the objective of paving the way for the emergence of individual morality and social interaction. The three treatises will be designed by selected graphic designers and will serve as both case studies of the theory and as statements.. Each treatise will be published separately.

These short treatises will be presented during Design Week, 20-28 October 2007, which will then be further augmented by three public forums that will address the pertinent issues. Max Bruinsma and Rudi Laermans will work respectively with graphic designers Strange Attractors and Karen van de Kraats. In this particular situation, the research collective Meta Haven will serve a dual role.

Presentation: Entire week (20-28 October from 13:30-21:30)
Sunday 21st, 15:00 public forum with Meta Haven
Sunday 28th, 15:00 public forum with Rudi Laermans & Karen van de Kraats
Max Bruinsma and Strange Attractors will be presented at a later date: please check our website for more information.


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