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Picasso and women
dal 23/9/2008 al 3/1/2009

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Pablo Picasso

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Picasso and women

Arken Museum of Modern Art, Ishoj

The exhibition will bring the visitors close to Picasso in 81 prints in various techniques on loan from the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. All the images depict women, Picasso's favourite subject. In addition, they include many hidden portraits of the artist as a man, minotaur or artist.

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It is no secret that Picasso loved women - as models, muses, life companions and lovers. At the end of September Arken Museum of Modern Art presents 81 of the world-famous artist's prints in the exhibition Picasso and women. The light-sensitive (and therefore rarely exhibited) prints bring us close to Picasso as a man, a human being and an artist.

They are almost like pages from a diary, the 81 intimate Picasso prints in the new exhi¬bition at ARKEN Museum of Modern Art. We can follow to the very date his interests and shifting styles at the time - from frolic¬some, wry Cubism to detailed, precise realism. From Greek antiquity to Freudian inspiration. Behind the many changing styles and idioms we recognize the artist's and ladykiller's succession of lovers, wives, models and muses. For all the works have been chosen on the basis of their subject: women.

Here we have decided portraits of the women in Picasso's life - easily recognizable or artistically distorted. But there are also book illustrations and depictions of situations between man and woman, between artist and model, between artist and viewer; often with Picasso as man and artist in disguised self-portraits - as a young boy, as a practicing artist or as the Minotaur he loved to identify with. In the prints we experience Picasso at his most erotically unbridled. It is as if the partly unpredic¬table technical process and the often intimate formats open the floodgates for a special intimacy. His last series of prints tend towards the pornographic, but they are always about more than sexuality. For Picasso the erotic is inextricably bound up with the process of artistic creation; for example in 8 September 1968 II (from the series 347) from 1968, where we see Picasso amorously engaged with his model, brush and palette in hand. The works in Picasso and women are therefore also about art as such: about creating art, vary¬ing one's artistic expression and looking at art. You can actually see that a new artistic period often arises when he meets a new woman.

Picasso is regarded as one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century. Picasso and women shows that he was also a formidable printmaker. There are examples of all the most important printing techniques that he mastered: etching, drypoint, lithography, aquatint and linocut. He loved to experiment, and was extremely prolific. Like no one else, he romped through all techniques and styles, and invented new ones himself. The exhibition extends over the whole of Picasso's career as an artist and printmaker, with works from 1905 up to 1970. All the prints are on loan from the Department of Prints and Drawings of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Because of their extreme sensitivity to light they are very rarely exhibited.

Organized by the Israel Museum, Jerusalem in collaboration with ARKEN Museum of Modern Art.

Press conference sept 24 2008
open to the public 27th September 2008 - 4th January 2009

Arken Museum of Modern Art
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