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Artistbook international
dal 23/10/2008 al 25/10/2008
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Artistbook international

Centre Pompidou, Paris

Edition 7 of the fair dedicated to publishers and dealers

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Edition 7 of the fair dedicated to publishers and dealers. Publications by artists are the meeting point of contemporary Art experiences. ArtistBook International (A.B.I.)'s puropose is to show and provide the extra-disciplinary experiences produced within through original publications, prints, multiples and books by artists. For 2008, A.B.I. has invited two artists from the international stage to produce specifics works: Ryoji Ikeda, artist and composer, has created a Statement, which will be published in the catalogue. Virginie Yassef, has produced inserts for A.B.I. visual communication. Lectures organised with Bibliotheque Kandinsky, F.I.A.C., CNEAI and Multitudes, and movies by artists. All around France and at the occasion of A.B.I Fair, a network of institutions and private foundations have managed many original programmes concerning publications by artists.

Anselm Kiefer
dal 15/12/2015 al 17/4/2016

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