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Damien Hirst
dal 31/10/2008 al 14/12/2008

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Damien Hirst
Rudi Fuchs

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Damien Hirst

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

For the Love of God

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For the Love of God, the celebrated diamond encrusted skull by Britain's artist. This show at the Rijksmuseum brings the world premier of the work's international tour to Amsterdam. To accompany the exhibition Hirst has chosen a personal selection from the Rijksmuseum's collection of 17th-century art that reveal how fear of death has provided a theme in art over the centuries. Appropriately, For the Love of God appears in the Philips Wing, surrounded by the Masterpieces of the Golden Age. 'For the Love of God' is a platinum cast of a human skull encrusted with 8,601 flawless diamonds. Set on the forehead is a large, pear-shaped light fancy pink diamond, called the Skull Star Diamond. The teeth are from the original skull. It was hailed worldwide and generated enormous publicity when first unveiled in 2007 at London's White Cube. Dutch art historian Rudi Fuchs described it as "a supernatural skull, almost heavenly". He relates Hirst's work to the memento mori and vanitas motifs popular in the Dutch Golden Age.

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