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42 rue de Turenne
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dal 29/5/2009 al 31/7/2009

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Galerie Michel Rein

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Galerie Michel Rein, Paris

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The state of the world upsets the artistic production and even the way we interpret works of art. After years of glitter and cynicism, brutality and violence surround us while we wait and hope for a humanist bright spell. The show won't feature any image of armed conflicts, of social or economic crises, no idea for a social redemption. It will only try to underline how the global situation reflects on the artists (or on the artworks). A partial and biased collective show in which very recent or a bit older works will be presented without any curatorial pretentiousness, through elective affinities. With: Maja Bajevic, Per Barclay, Yael Bartana, Jimmie Durham, Jean-Charles Hue, Dan Perjovschi, Mark Raidpere, Alejandra Riera, Artur Zmijewski.

dal 5/9/2014 al 17/10/2014

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