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Spring in Paris
dal 21/3/2002 al 31/5/2002
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Spring in Paris

Galerie Patrick Seguin, Paris

A lovable season in the still most lovable city of our modern world

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Spring in Paris arouses our emotion.
A lovable season in the still most lovable city of our modern world.

Love is mutual to spring, Paris and Art.
The international artists represented in this show all arouse our emotions, each in this own way.

Seductive as in Barcel's glowing submarine seascape, voluptuous as in Taaffe's splendid or in Salle's broken baroque romance entitled, deadpan as in Warhol's Duty Free, enigmatic as in Mike Kelley, philosophically funny as Hirst's hovering balls, Alone Yet Together And In Love.

Even an ultra-cool winter painting like Blizzard by Alex Katz oozes out pleasure - a love of surface and of light.
The magic of art lies in its power of creating the presence of emotions which stimulate, seduce, influence, change, enrich, puzzle and entertain the viewer.
Last Spring in Paris happens now, in front of the painting, the object, the artist's temperament kept alive by the fetish.

Eric Fischl, Peter Halley, Damien Hirst, Alex Katz, Mike Kelley, David Salle, Philip Taaffe, Andy Warhol

Modern Design
Show room - march 22 - May 31

Jean Prouve'
Charlotte Perriand
Le Corbousier
Jean Royere
Serge Mouille
Alexandre Noll
Georges Jouve
Contemporary Art
Last Spring in Paris - March 22 - May 31
In collaboration with Jablonka Galerie

Galerie Patrick Seguin
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Calder / Prouve'
dal 23/10/2013 al 6/12/2013

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