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Thomas Galler
dal 27/5/2009 al 8/8/2009

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Thomas Galler

Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau

Walking through Baghdad with a Buster Keaton Face

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Walking through Baghdad with a Buster Keaton Face. The artist presents his recent work in a comprehensive solo exhibition. In his works the artist focuses on issues related to power, war, violence and their representation in and reception through the media. Printed media, feature films, the internet and sounds provide the resources for his artistic practice. The artist lifts these objets trouves from their original context, adapts and rearranges them, recontextualizing them in new fields of political and social meaning. Documentation is combined with fiction, images of war with fashion photography, Galler brings together seemingly contradictory material, in order to reveal its ambiguous potential for social and media critique. Curator: Madeleine Schuppli.

Four exhibitions
dal 29/4/2015 al 15/8/2015

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