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One step beyond reality
dal 16/7/2009 al 28/8/2009

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One step beyond reality

Wagner+Partner (old location), Berlin

This year's summer exhibition features five international artists that deal with the issue of truth content in photography: Eva Lauterlein, Josef Schulz, Natascha Stellmach, Raissa Venables and Thomas Wrede.

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Galerie Wagner + Partner proudly present this year’s summer exhibition with five international photographers that deal with the issue of truth content in photography.

Raïssa Venables (USA) and Joseph Schulz (Germany) question and scrutinize Architecture and space. While Venables queries the psychological and emotional character of spaces in a familiar way, Schulz manages to make architecture reappear in its fundamental features through digital reductions.

Thomas Wrede (Germany) continues his series “Real Landscapes”, by staging models and real landscapes in such a way that the finished photographic “picture” leaves the observer unclear about which layer of reality is shown. Natascha Stellmach (Australia) also crosses layers of meaning in photographic depiction, combining text excerpts from her diaries with staged portraits of a girl; she suggests here a meaningful connection that never existed.

Finally, Eva Lauterlein (Switzerland) questions “reality” of modern portrait photography, that is never “true” but always just “intentional”. Her faces are the skillful product of elaborate photo collage, more frightening than beautiful, but more “genuine” than any seemingly “real” portrait.

Each artist skillfully calls on the observer to undergo a general overhaul of their view of reality, and “see” in a new way. In the combination of these different positions Galerie Wagner + Partner would like to make a contribution to the critical exploration of our own perceptual habits.

(Image: Raïssa Venables, Bathroom Ceiling, 2002, C-Print /Diasec, 76x76 cm, Ed.10.)

Opening: Friday, 17.07., 19-22 h

Karl-Marx-Allee 87 +49 - Berlin
Open: WED – SAT, 12-18 h
Free admission

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