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Favoured Nations

Different venues, Moss

Momentum 2009 - 5th Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art

comunicato stampa

Curators: Lina Džuverović and Stina Högkvist

Participating artists:

Akassen, Mats Adelman, Roger Andersson, Asmundur Asmundsson, Fia Backström, Maja Bajević, Petra Bauer & Annette Krauss, Nina Beier & Marie Lund, Maja Borg, Liv Bugge, Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson, Jacob Dahlgren, Ida Ekblad, Marte Eknæs, Andreas Eriksson, Jan Freuchen, Carl-Michael von Hausswolff, Hannaleena Heiska, Saskia Holmkvist, Karl Holmqvist, Lars Laumann, Klara Liden, Darri Lorenzen, Josefine Lyche, Eline McGeorge, Are Mokkelbost, Jani Ruscica, Marthe Thorshaug, Helgi Þórsson, Salla Tykkä, Gaeoudjiparl

Punkt Ø proudly presents Favoured Nations, the fifth edition of Momentum, focusing on the work of artists with a background from, or a connection to, the Nordic region. The exhibition features 31 artists and groups spread across two outstanding and strikingly different venues – Momentum Kunsthall and Galleri F15.

Favoured Nations is a legal term borrowed from international trade agreements, which is used in contracts to request equal treatment for all parties. In the context of this biennial the term acts as a springboard for highlighting issues around equality, access and the ways in which those involved in artistic production are treated. Highlighting infrastructural issues such as artists' salaries and hierarchies involved in curatorial decisions, the curators have used the title as a working method rather than a theme. Is there such a thing as 'fair treatment' in a biennial context and if so, what might this mean?

In the context of a Nordic Biennial the term Favoured Nations also points to ideas often associated with Nordic countries – the belief that artists from this region of economic prosperity enjoy privileged treatment, a life filled with opportunities, grants and, we are often told, salaries to be an artist. The curators have made a decision to work with artists they have come across during their research trips in the five Nordic countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland as well as Nordic 'satellites' (Berlin, London, New York) – cities which are home to many artists from the region.

About Momentum
Previous Momentum's have been curated by Lars Bang Larsen, Daniel Birnbaum and Atle Gerhardsen (Pakkhus, 1998), Jonas Ekeberg, Paula Toppila, Jacob Fabricius and Ina Blom (Park, 2000), Caroline Corbetta and Per Gunnar Tverbakk (Momentum 2004) and Anette Kierulf and Marc Sladen (Try Again, Fail Again, Fail Better, 2006).

Curators 2009
Lina Dzuverovic is the Founding Director of ELECTRA, a London-based contemporary art agency established in 2003. She is currently curating the exhibition '27 Senses' about the life of Kurt Schwitters in Norway, at Kunstmuseet KUBE, Alesund, Norway. Selected projects include co-curating Art Now Live performance program at Tate Britain (2007), Transcommunication Lab (as part of Radio Gallery Series 2006), Her Noise (South London Gallery, 2005), Perfect Partner by Kim Gordon, Tony Oursler and Phil Morrison (Barbican Centre, London) and devising and teaching on the lecture series Sound And The Twentieth Century Avant Garde (Tate Modern, 2004/05).

Stina Högkvist is a curator of Contemporary Art at the National Museum of Art Architecture and Design in Oslo, Norway. In 2009 she curated "Hypocrisy: the site specificity of morality" together with Koyo Kouoh. For the summer of 2009 she is planning an exhibition with assume vivid astro focus. She is also working on a research project at the museum titled Dark secrets: representations of Africa in the museum collection.

Meet Momentum in Venice!
5 June from 9am – 11.30 am
Angiò Pub and Winebar
Riva di San Biagio
(Arsenale boat stop)

October 17: Public meeting in Moss

Graphic design and concept 2009: Research and Development, Stockholm
Exhibition design 2009: Uglycute, Stockholm

With great thanks to Electra!

Dag Aak Sveinar, Director

Opening Saturday 29 August 14.00
Press preview Thursday 27 August 11.00

Momentum Kunsthall and Galleri F15

Momentum and Galleri F15 are organized under the administration of Punkt Ø AS - Østfold County Galleries

Punkt Ø AS
Postboks 1033 Jeløy
N-1510 Moss

Momentum 8
dal 12/6/2015 al 26/9/2015

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