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Two exhibitions
dal 2/9/2009 al 3/10/2009
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Two exhibitions

La Station, Nice

1+2+3+4 / Giles Ryder

comunicato stampa

EN CCNOA and La Station, Nice (FR) have the pleasure to present the group exhibition 1 + 2 + 3 + 4. In addition, Australian artist Giles Ryder will create a new site-specific installation in the project room. La Station offers an experimental platform within which up-and-coming artists can find conditions conducive to initiating projects and participating in the development, promotion and dissemination of their activities. This enabling initiative started in Nice in 1996 allows the emergence of research in real and professional exhibition or production conditions. La Station was originally housed within the walls of a former service station located at 26 boulevard Gambetta in Nice from which it took its name, then moved on according to the realities of the places that sheltered it.

The relevance of La Station lies in a desire to offer an extra link connecting artists, institutions, art centers, galleries and the public as closely as possibly, trying to give added value to the existing cultural panorama. In addition to its internal programs, over the years La Station has acquired a national and European audience thanks to exhibitions organized in various cities abroad. On the extramural front La Station constructs its projects from the starting point of the work of the artists that constitute it and their particular artistic practices, put into a new perspective in the context of a collective exhibition, so approaching the whole thing in a unity of place, time and space.

The exhibition 1+2+3+4 is to be seen in this perspective. 10 artists of different generations and heterogeneous practices brought together in the CCNOA exhibition spaces. The sum of these individualities offers through all possible combinations a composite body. The idea would be to explore the boundaries of abstraction, where the forms of representation, of figuration, of the radical conceptual approaches overlap and rub against each other. A kind of Ecocline (a gradient of vegetation structure correlating to variation in environmental characteristics) between a chilled figuration and an abstraction reheated by subjectivity. The intention is not to adapt to the territory, but instead to widen its boundaries, to push further the limits of the practices without ever limiting oneself to a style.

Giles Ryder’s (*1972, Brisbane, Australia) work is preoccupied with abstraction, but his interest is in minimalism. He started life as an artist later than some, having worked as an industrial painter on Brisbane’s Story Bridge for six years before entering art school. The industrial influence, alongside that of the great abstractionists such as Rothko, is visible in his art with glossy, hard surfaces of color evoking ‘car culture’. He also uses neon signage and the reflective surfaces of advertising and consumption, and pared back, pearlescent and glossy striped paintings. All of these require interactivity with the viewer - the position from which the work is seen directly influences its effect. “I see my work as a hybrid between minimalism, abstraction, Op- and Pop Art. My practice includes the intention to develop reductionist concepts (of form, space, line and material), the effects of color (visually, as a signature, and its psychological effects) and the experiential qualities of painting. By developing these concepts I invite the viewer in the space to a contemplative encounter with painting.” (G.R.)

Vernissage 03 September 2009 at 18

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