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Pre-Elections Berlin 2009
dal 19/9/2009 al 9/10/2009

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Pre-Elections Berlin 2009

Artnews Projects, Berlin

Organised by Vlado Velkov in cooperation with the Transnational Republic

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The pre-elections take part in an art context prior to the federal elections, and present their results 36 hours before the official elections begin. Talking about social responsibility and art impacting life, the pre-elections offer a real opportunity to interfere with the political course that will lead the country for the next four years. Artists, writers and culture professionals are invited to contribute with their opinions, visions and votes. The pre-elections are not limited by nationality, as the problems to be solved are global.

Dates: 20-25 September 2009, 10 am to 6 pm
Venue: APS, Brunnenstr. 190, 10119 Berlin
- The results of the pre-elections will be presented to the press on:
Friday, 25 September 2009, 8 pm
- The German federal elections take part on:
Sunday, 27 September 2009, 8 am to 6 pm

The polling station is at APS, former Kunstbank, where the 'Elections for Foregners' were held in 2005. The cultural pre-elections are an ongoing development, questioning the fundaments of representative democracy and exploring a possible rare impact of art on politics.

Culture producers and intellectuals are free minds with high sensibilities and ideals, vision and responsibility, that have to be shared with eligible voters. During the pre-elections the polling station will turn to an exhibition and forum for talks and discussions: 20 September to 10 October 2009.

The pre-elections are organised by Vlado Velkov in cooperation with the Transnational Republic. For more information please contact APS, the project space of, at: 030-27907810 or per email:

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