Museum 52
New York
4 East 2nd Street at Bowery
+44 2073665571
Julia Goldman
dal 14/10/2009 al 13/11/2009
Wed-Sat 12 - 6pm or by appointment

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Museum 52


Julia Goldman

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Julia Goldman

Museum 52, New York

Girl. Solo show

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Girl. Solo show. "My imagination is limited and my ideas are vague. But I want to make paintings that are thorough - brought to a finish (and hopefully a finish that resonates with experience, that reveals the contradictory and unsettling nature and complexity of the commonplace). I think any subject is potentially unsettling, but I choose familiar ones (my face, my clothes, the stuff in my studio) because I can evaluate them easily. They are legible. I have studied them, and I know what I do and don't like about them. I can transform them, dissect them, simplify them, and destroy them with confidence. They provide criteria for proceeding with a painting, and that criteria is based on years of observation and consideration. This is the best way I know." (Goldman 2009)

Anthony Titus
dal 18/5/2011 al 18/6/2011

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