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B.P.S.22 Space for Contemporary Creation, Charleroi-Gilly

A game with the collections of the Province of Hainaut, the Mudam and the Muhka

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Curators: Bart De Baere (Muhka), Enrico Lunghi (Mudam), Pierre-Olivier Rollin (B.P.S.22)

Every four years, the Province of Hainaut exhibits the most recent additions to its collection at B.P.S.22. The exhibition is an innovative way to give the public a preview of what the future Provincial Museum will offer upon completion of its new extension, ready for the year 2012. In this perspective, the Province is showing selected works from the collection together with two other prestigious public collections: the Muhka (Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, of the Flemish Community) and the Mudam (the Grand Duke Jean Modern Art Museum of Luxembourg).

The title of the exhibition, T-Tris, is a wink to the eponymous videogame, a game of placing geometrical figures so that they form horizontal lines. The exhibition is conceived as an intellectual exercise, inspired by the game, providing coherent juncture between the works in the exhibition space of B.P.S.22. The first work selected is Liam Gillick’s Last Day of Production. It is one of the latest works to be added to the collection of the Province of Hainaut. This artist personally placed his piece at the entrance of the exhibition: the ‘starting kick-off’ for the game. Works from all three collections were then carefully placed by members of each team, every piece in function with those before, gradually giving shape to the space. The final exhibition layout is based on well-determined motives considering connection (conceptual, stylistic, historical, anecdotal, etc.), opposition, artistic relationship, and so on.

It is under this premise that the exhibition evolved like a ‘living’ matter, a kind of Leviathan that throughout its evolution developed the components that indeed give it structure: the building and its connection to Modernism and landscape, the media and their connection to image, the collective ideologies and the connection to the individual, punctuated by meditative spaces. For this the exhibition is constructed like a weaving of meanings or a crossing of mixed senses, offering a wide range of interpretations. With this project B.P.S.22 continues to reflect upon the exhibition as a specific form and a privileged medium of the museum as an institution, and proposes to see it as a text in the sense that Barthes gives the word.

Artists: Alvar Aalto, Charif Benhelima, Vaast Colson, Michaël Dans, Thierry De Cordier, Pieter Engels, Jan Fabre, Robert Filliou, Andrea Fraser, Gilbert & George, Liam Gillick, Steven C.Harvey, Fabrice Hyber, Paul Kirps, Terence Koh, John Kormeling, Yves Lecomte, Edward Lipski, Jacques Lizène, Richard Long, Chad McCail, Guy Mees, Vlad Monroe, Deimantas Narkevicius, Olaf Nicolaï, Anatoli Osmolovsky, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Benoît Platéus, PSJM, Guy Rombouts, Marc Scozzai, Franck Scurti, Cindy Sherman, Walter Swennen, Althea Thauberger, Jan Van Imschoot, Raphaël Van Lerberghe, Xavier Veilhan, Jan Vercruysse, Ian Wallace, Wang Du, Lawrence Weiner, Marthe Wéry, Franz West, Rémy Zaugg

A production from the B.P.S.22 space for contemporary creation of the Province of Hainaut in collaboration with the MUDAM Luxembourg Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, the MUHKA - Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen including the collection of the Stichting Beeldende Kunst Middelburg/De Vleeshal.
With the support of the City of Charleroi, the Ministry of the French Community, the Ministry of the Flemish Community, the Loterie Nationale and the Brasserie Duvel-Moortgat.

Contacts and information:
Pierre-Olivier Rollin - Conservateur / Curator
Sophie Jansseune - Projets coordination

B.P.S.22 space for contemporary creation
Boulevard Solvay 22 - 6000 Charleroi Belgium
Wednesday to Sunday, from 12.00 to 18.00

Charif Benhelima
dal 15/3/2013 al 25/5/2013

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