Performance Space 122
New York
150 1st Avenue
Alterazioni Video and Ragnar Kjartansson
dal 1/11/2009 al 1/11/2009
ore 20
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Caroline Corbetta

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Alterazioni Video and Ragnar Kjartansson

Performance Space 122, New York

Simphony n.1. A live and taped musical performance

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For Performa 2009, the Italian collective Alterazioni Video and Ragnar Kjartansson will present 'Symphony n.1', a live and multimedia piece based on joy, infinite profound joy. With the structure of a symphony it is a set of actions repeated in loops mixed chaos, synchronicity and digital found material on one hand, and the theatricality and endurance aspect of performance on the other. Curated by Barbara Casavecchia and Caroline.

COIL Festival
dal 4/1/2011 al 14/1/2011

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