Madame Lillies
10 Cazenove Road, Stoke Newington, N16 6BD
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Wiebke Dreyer and Sybille Gburek
dal 29/10/2009 al 7/11/2009
Friday - Sunday 12-6pm

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Madame Lillie


Wiebke Dreyer
Sybille Gburek

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Wiebke Dreyer and Sybille Gburek

Madame Lillies, London

Spirits Of Turpentine. Two solo show.

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Spirits Of Turpentine. "Without light no colour, everything is defined by colour, softer northern light, strong harsh Mediterranean one, or artificial light of theatrical environment. theatre versus nature or harmonious duality?" (Wiebke Dreyer) "Separation and transformation leading to symbiosis and new forms of unity. Images composed of several images, designed to give pleasure through a graceful image that has power and intellectual meaning". (Brainbow, Sybille Gburek). Private View Friday 30th Oct 09: 6.30-9pm.

Dan Boulton
dal 4/5/2011 al 14/5/2011

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